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Zena Edwards is a successful and widely respected artist and has received critical acclaim for her work from accomplished artists such as playwright Kwame Kwei Armah and endorsement from the BBC Radio 3 show The Verb.

The lead voice in a new generation of performance poets, Zena Edwards is the cutting edge of contemporary urban writing and lyrics lyricism, with a sensuous, rhythmic style born from a diverse range of influences, from African music and storytelling to world jazz innovators via hip hop, and spoken word artists Linton Kwesi Johnson and Roger McGough. A prolific creative talent, for BBC Radio 3 she has written Bloodlines exploring blood, lineage, Africa and being Black-British in the UK, as well as a hip hop musical Slamdunk, and two CDs of poems Healing Pool and Mine 4 Life. Security will also be published as an illustrated book by Flipped Eye.

Internationally acclaimed Zena is a much-loved regular on the poetry, festival and music circuits, from the Royal Festival Hall to The Durban Playhouse, London Jazz Festival, WOMAD and Glastonbury.



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